bathroom scrub mitt

Bathroom Cleaning

Okay, so how many times have you felt chemically altered after cleaning the bathroom?   You know, hours trapped in a small space with 100 different cleaning chemicals and smells? WHEW!!

I have four bathrooms in my home.  I figured if I could simplify only one cleaning task in my home, bathroom cleaning would be it.  I never dreamed it could be so easy & so painless to keep a really clean bathroom!!  This is my favorite simplified task with Norwex!!!


The Norwex products I use to clean my bathrooms:

  • “Bert/Ernie” pair (aka Nowex Basic Package)
  • Bathroom Scrub Mitt (optional, this is a tool of preference)(antibacterial) or Kitchen Scrub Cloth (optional)
  • Blue Diamond (odorless) (not for use on natural stone or brushed metal surfaces)
  • “Whizzer Cloths”(optional) (aka travel size “Bert” aka Travel Size Enviro Cloth 4 pack)
  • Large or Small Superior Mop with Ceramic Tile Mop Pad (optional if you are okay with scrubbing floors on hands and knees)
  • Rubber Brush
  • Micro Hand Pads (optional)
  • Sanira Toilet Bowl Solution (optional)
  • Good quality grout brush (from a janitorial supply store, not currently available from Norwex)


To efficiently & effectively clean my bathrooms, I do the following:

  • Keep a “Bert/Ernie” on the back of the bathroom door for easy access.  Bathroom Scrub Mitt (has silver embedded in the microfiber so is antibacterial) can be hung on a suction cup hook right in the shower, if you opt to use one.  General rule of thumb is to start with the least messy surfaces & work towards the messiest ones when cleaning in the bathroom.


  • Blue Diamond is an odorless, ultra-concentrated gel.  It is an all-natural product that contains citric acids, natural salts & surfactants, no harsh chemicals.   Blue Diamond will remove:  old cleaning residuals, soap scum, water scale, & rust.  Not for use on natural stone or brushed metal surfaces.  It cleans grout fantastically when used with a quality grout brush (purchased from a janitorial supply store).  Product should be applied full strength ONE TIME directly on tub surround, tub, shower doors (if you have them), sinks, counter tops, toilet, & floors to achieve a completely clean surface, initially.  Directions:  Squirt gel full strength onto surface, spread into a thin, even layer with a wet “Bert” or Bathroom Scrub Mitt.  Let stand 10 minutes.  Then remove with water & wet “Bert”.  Polish with “Ernie” as needed.  To effectively clean toilet bowl when you do your initial clean, remove water from bowl by shutting off water valve.   Once initial clean is complete, bathroom cleaning is primarily  cleaned with “Bert & Ernie” & water ONLY.  It just doesn’t get any easier!!!  For spot & maintenance cleaning on ALL bathroom surfaces, (approximately 2-4 times per year) place 1 oz. of Blue Diamond & 7 oz. of water in a spray bottle to hit trouble spots on bathroom surfaces as needed.


  • After initial clean has been completed, regularly clean bathroom surfaces with “Bert & Ernie”.  This includes:  tub, tub surround, shower doors, sinks, faucets, mirrors, counter tops & toilets (inside & out).  A Bathroom Scrub Mitt or a Kitchen Scrub Cloth is preferred by some for wiping bath tubs.  I don’t find that I need these products.  I do occasionally use a Micro Hand Pad to remove dirty feet prints or bath soap residues from my bathtubs.


  • After initial clean has been completed,  in my house when it is time to clean a toilet (sometimes multiple times  a day…4 males in the house) I opt to use a “whizzer cloth” (aka a Travel Size “Bert” aka Travel Size Enviro Cloth, 4 pack) & water ONLY to clean inside & outside of our toilet bowls.  I wipe the bowl & surrounding areas as needed, rinse cloth with soap & water, wring, hang & reuse for one week before laundering.  With the amount of toilet messes we have I don’t want to have to launder my bathroom “Bert & Ernie” set multiple times a day, which is what I would have to do because the rule in my house is once “Bert” has touched pee he gets to go to the laundry!  It rhymes, so is easy for my family to remember!  I have never had any issues with odor, but if you are concerned you can place 1 oz. of Sanira toilet bowl cleaner in a spray bottle with 7 oz. of water to spritz the toilet area.  Wipe with a ”whizzer cloth”.


  • A Small or Large Superior Dry Mop (yellow mop pad) can be used to remove dirt, debris & hair from bathroom floors (use Rubber Brush to clean dry mop pad) unless you don’t mind the idea of scrubbing on hands & knees.  If you have ceramic or vinyl flooring I highly recommend  using the Ceramic Tile Mop Pad for washing bathroom floors, but the blue Wet Mop Pad that comes with your mop package can work just fine.  Both dry & wet mop pads should be laundered as needed following microfiber laundering instructions.    If you don’t mind scrubbing on hands & knees the Rubber Brush (to pick up loose body hair), & the Bathroom Scrub Mitt or a “Bert” for washing the floor with water will do just fine.